Monday, December 28, 2009

Toddler Video Player v1 published!

Published my 2nd Android application on Market. Keywords "Toddler" or "Baby".

Keep Playing Your Video Clips One-by-One with Minimal Interruption! A simple video player that plays local video clips continuously from your phone while disabling several standard ways of escaping or manipulating the video playbacks similar to Toddler Lock. Helps keeping your baby or toddler occupied for short moment.

Playlist support is on the future enhancement list. Tips for setting up playlist even it is not supported yet. If you are computer savvy, create multiple subdirectories that contains only the video clips you want to be in the same playlist. Then using MENU->Settings to change the directory path to search the videos. It can act as a short-term trick before the full support comes out in future.

Welcome any comments, feedbacks or bugs (hopefully not so much).